Tokyo Bound!

Our Big Dream: Tokyo Disneyland

Our most recent goal, and this would be our biggest Disney dream yet, is to go to Tokyo Disneyland!

We have been watching a lot of videos mainly made by The Tim Tracker. (If you don’t know Tim & Jen you are missing out! Check out their blog videos online!

They recently went to Japan and were so inspiring that we have decided to make the trip overseas! Now when this will happen, we don’t know. We kind of want to wait a few years so that way our daughter can remember the trip.

Most people would say that Disneyland Tokyo is actually way better and more magical than Disney World which is ironic because Disneyland Tokyo isn’t even owned by Disney!

They do such a great job though and they go over the top for everything but in a good way! Between all the costumes the rides the atmosphere and ambience it’s an amazing two parks! I’m especially excited about the little mermaid theater as it’s very techy compared to Disney World little mermaid show. Also the parade has dazzling colors and exciting choreographed dancers. Plus the Fantasmic show blows the US version out of the water. It’s so good!

So I’m sure we will be posting more about our progress on planning the trip! So stay tuned for some exciting adventures!

So let us know in the comments how far you have traveled to go to Disney! Where did you go? What did you like about where you went?