Momma life

Dear Tired Momma

I find myself as a mom, wife, human, so tired lately. My husband is so encouraging and a stronghold in our family. Im very blessed. As a newer family though, it’s hard to work the daily grind and figure everything out. All the sudden my toddler is learning all kinds of new things and I begin to wonder Am I teaching my child the most important lessons of life? Am I spending quality time with her? Am I being the best wife I can be for John? I start to doubt myself and let Satan’s lies tell me I’m the reason I’m tired. And I’m the reason I’m “failing.”

So I got to thinking.

Dear momma,

You try so hard to be the perfect rock. The one that supports the frequent emotions behind the toddler meltdowns. You try so hard to teach your children to follow all the right paths but struggle to find your own way too.

You give everything you have to your babies and then more than you thought you could.

You give your faith every ounce. And trust that Gods grace is enough to get you through. You know it is. But you still wonder if you will fail.

You love your man with everything you have, but the daily rush of life has got you only reaching out from afar.

Dear Momma,

Hold onto your Jesus a little more.

Hold onto your man a little more.

Hold onto your babies a little more.

And love yourself. Giving grace a little more.

And maybe hold onto your coffee just a little more 😉


ashley m