Don’t Forget Your Magical Disney Crew Members

Everywhere you go there are people working at the most magical place on earth. Every single one gets into character and lives and breathes Disney. How Disney makes sure that every single Crew member is magical and never makes a fuss, it’s a mystery to us. Everyone loves their job and has a smile on their face!

One of my favorite parts of being a Disney guest is seeing where are the workers are from.

On their name tag which looks identical every where in the park, is listed their name and the city and country they are from. The diversity is spectacular!

Especially when you get to Epcot and visit the Showcase of the World. Each country’s restaurant and gift shop employs people from that country.

Another of my favorite things to do when visiting Disney is to meet these people and here about who they are. So we do this when it’s a long bus ride back home and we are the only ones on the bus. Or if we just happen to naturally bring up conversation we will ask how did they decide to work at Disney? Do you have any kids, grandkids? We find out about who they are but everywhere we go, they never bash their job. Most say it’s not even a job to them.

Sometimes, my husband and I will try to ask them the real scoop. And usually we get a genuine answer. But everyone we talk to loves what they do and have usually come out of retirement to work for the Mouse.

That’s just so neat! So next time you are at Disney, get to know your bus driver! Get to know the crew worker. Get to know the business man sitting on you bus who is touring Disney for his job.

You will find more magic hidden in these peoples stories and experiences!