Moving on Up to the Toddler Bed: from the Mommy Files

Today’s a big day for our little one! We took the side off the crib and turned it into a toddler bed! Of course being the super Disney fans that we are, it had to be Disney princess themed. So we went out to our local stores and looked for a tiny bed set. Finally we found one. It’s so cute. It came with a Disney Princess pillow cover, a bed cover, a sheet, and a comforter. She was so excited when we unveiled it to her! And of course her little doggy has to sleep in her bed too! The puppy was reluctant of first but I think she will become a huge fan of a nice soft bed soon 🙂 unfortunately our little girl was soooo excited for her “preeeteee beddy” that she wasn’t able to fall asleep for her nap. We will try again tonight. Eventually she will crash at some point. Right? 😁

Let us know how you got your little one to use their toddler bed. I may need some tricks of the trade 😉

-ashley m.


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