Our Frozen Night & The Exciting Disney Conspiracy Theory that has us Believing

Tonight we decided to have a Norway Frozen night. That means watching Frozen and cooking Norwegian inspired dishes: blueberry balsamic chicken and blueberry cake.

But the real magic is the conspiracy we just found on the internet and it has me believing! Ahhhhh! Super excited because it just adds to the Disney Magic.

So here it goes- Tarzan is Princess Elsa & Princess Ana’s LITTLE BROTHER!!! What?? Yes!

So what these articles are saying is that Elsa and Ana’s parents shipwrecked, but survived. The shipwreck is the same one that Ariel explores in The Little Mermaid. They were pregnant and had Tarzan. Unfortunately they were eaten by the leopard Sabor.

Ok this one is actually believable and the director of Frozen, who came up with the theory is Also the director of Tarzan. Hmmmmmmm

Although he says nothing is official, he does state,

“Whatever people want to believe, go for it,” he said. “That’s the spirit of Disney.”

You can read the full article here


And here is what we ate!


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