Dissecting the Classics: Upcoming 64 Disney Movie Reviews

I am starting a project today of dissecting and reviewing and rating 64 iconic Disney Movies.

The questions on the review are:

1. The songs: how satisfying are they? (10pts)

2. How Iconic is the movie? (10pts)

3. Like-ability of the Characters. (10pts)

4. How satisfying is the resolving of the main plot? (10pts)

5. Like-ability of the movie in general. (10pts)

6. Would I rewatch this soon? (10pts)

7. Was the movie entertaining? (10pts)

8. Does the movie give me the Disney Magic Feels? (10pts)

9. How great was my favorite scene? (10pts)

10. Like-ability of my favorite character. (10 pts)

There is a total score available of 100 pts. I will be giving each movie a point ratio which will also be a percentage score.

The questions are formatted to balance each other to get the most accurate responses to how great & magical I think the Disney movie is.

Disney has become a huge hobby for my husband and I, and our goal is to watch as many Disney films before our big trip to WDW later this year!!

So whenever I get a review report ready I’ll post it on the blog. After I get all 64 reports, I will post a grand list! 🙂

Let us know which questions you would put in the test 🙂


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