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New Adventures and Letting Fears Go

I’m a stay at home mom, and for the last two years I have struggled with what is my identity and fears that have held me back (see previous post).

I often would rather stay home instead of getting out and doing something.

I have since had a longing to become someone useful in my community not just in my child’s life.

I thought about going back to work but quickly realized at the interview process that I wasn’t ready to devote that much time away from my little one.

But today I will be having an “interview meeting” with some very special individuals who are investing in marriages!

I am seeking a position on their board!

I’m so excited as this presents an opportunity to pour into other’s lives, and to volunteer for something bigger than myself. The organization that I will most likely be supporting focuses on premarital and marriage advice and growth. We shall see if they think I’m a good fit and a beneficial addition to their team!

I’ve started to let go of my fears (see my daughter’s story-previous post). And that means getting involved with people!

What do you like to pour yourself into outside of work? What organizations speak directly to your heart?

Stay Strong,

Mrs. M ❤️


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