My Favorite Room in the House

I have a sunroom that is my little getaway cabin space. I sit out there and hear the insects signing their song, the birds chirping, and the distant whirring of cars driving down the road.

Sometimes we watch the bunnies eat clover in the backyard, or the squirrels play, or the birds finding worms in the grass. In a rare occasion a momma deer and her babies will stroll by.

The trees are so big and beautiful. I do a lot of my thinking out here while my daughter plays or eats a snack on the table. She loves to see the animals that live in our backyard too!

Lately I’ve been facing some writers block. So I’m hoping that being out here can settle my mind and get the creativity flowing again. We are going to Disney World again later this year, so we will have tons of new material then. We will be staying 9-10 days and experiencing a couple new things!

we will be doing the dining plan, Toy Story Land, and one of the main event after parties. We are super excited!

And of course I have to make some more Mickey ears before then 😉

Well I’m off to find some more inspiration!


3 thoughts on “My Favorite Room in the House

  1. What a peaceful space with all those greens out there ❤ I would love to have a room with view like that


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