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Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Mickeys not so scary Halloween party started last night!! And we are so excited to be bringing some Disney Magic to you! So let’s dive in and showcase the 2018 party fun!

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is a special ticketed Party. We strongly advise buying tickets in advance as you get discounts and a lot of the party days sell out. The party usually starts at 4pm. Non-ticket holders are ushered out before the party starts.

Yes! You can wear costumes! Visit Disney.com for rules!

With the Sanderson sisters (Hocus Pocus) teaming up with other villains to cast a spell over Magic Kingdom, there will be plenty of opportunities to see some evil characters.

Main events:

Trick or Treating equals unlimited candy! Explore the park and grab candy at designated spots along the way. Bring your candy buckets or buy your favorite from one of the Disney stores! If you or your child has food allergies, Disney offers Teal bags and coins to trade in for special candy, stickers, and trinkets.

Another main event is the Boo To You Parade!

Catch the opportunity to see some really neat grave diggers create sparks on the walkway with their shovel shuffle! Also a great chance to see the Headless Horseman lead the entire parade!

Several rides are decked out with special features just for the party!

Space Mountain roller coaster goes completely dark! Even the stars are hidden! There is also a new soundtrack.

Pirates of the Caribbean has live action pirates as you wait in line!

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party boasts of a magical light show-it’s dazzling!

The fog all over the park also adds a really nice but spooky ambiance.

Be sure to check out these treats as well!

Pic Source: Popsugar.com

First off is the Haunted Mansions Hitchhiking Doom Buggy- the reviews though aren’t that great. Not a lot of flavor.

This Candy Corn Milkshake looks amazing! It includes vanilla cotton candy and a vanilla Mickey Mouse marshmallow.

What’s not to love about Jack Skellington from the Night Before Christmas?! These cake pops are super cute and we are so glad they brought back the design from last year.

Dirt and worms- this looks delicious! And even comes with a tombstone!

These are just several of the available desserts all throughout the parks!

According to WDW PrepSchool here is the best and worst places to see the fireworks throughout the park.

We are still awaiting the Tim Trackers video from last night! We know they were at Walt Disney World for the opening of Mickey’s Not Scary Halloween Party because pictures are starting to come in from the fans! Disney fans got a real treat seeing them last night!

Also they did post that they are working on one copyright issue that popped up right before posting so it is a matter of time before that video shows up! 🙂 we will post that video when it comes available.

But for right now here are two videos by Undercover Tourist for you to check out!

Not So Scary Halloween Party– Parade

Halloween Sights And Sounds– Party

Thank you for reading! Be sure to comment about your favorite Disney memories!

❤️ Love Mr. & Mrs. M


My Favorite Room in the House

I have a sunroom that is my little getaway cabin space. I sit out there and hear the insects signing their song, the birds chirping, and the distant whirring of cars driving down the road.

Sometimes we watch the bunnies eat clover in the backyard, or the squirrels play, or the birds finding worms in the grass. In a rare occasion a momma deer and her babies will stroll by.

The trees are so big and beautiful. I do a lot of my thinking out here while my daughter plays or eats a snack on the table. She loves to see the animals that live in our backyard too!

Lately I’ve been facing some writers block. So I’m hoping that being out here can settle my mind and get the creativity flowing again. We are going to Disney World again later this year, so we will have tons of new material then. We will be staying 9-10 days and experiencing a couple new things!

we will be doing the dining plan, Toy Story Land, and one of the main event after parties. We are super excited!

And of course I have to make some more Mickey ears before then 😉

Well I’m off to find some more inspiration!

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Best Friends & A Disney Dumbo Party

My toddler daughter has a friend who is only 32 days older than she is and they are quickly becoming best friends. The two of them are cute as buttons 💜

So today I hosted a Disney Dumbo Party for the two of them. We had cotton candy, circus peanuts, animal crackers, and hotdogs with ketchup of course! We also had juice and a fruit medley.

I’m not sure how much we all watched the movie 😉 but they sure partied it up!

They even decorated matching heart-shaped boxes for all their “treasures,” played with the princess castle and ran all over the place squealing as loud as they could.

They had so much fun! This stage of life is just the best. They are learning everything; life is so new. Almost anything fills their little eyes with wonder. And they love their friends so deeply💜🎀

Mine is the One Shoe Wonder as I like to call her. She’s always losing a shoe. Just like Cinderella 😂

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6-9/64+ Disney Movie Reviews by Blooms&Beautifuls: Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Lady & The Tramp, Pooh’s Grand Adventure

Today we will be sharing with you our reviews of Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Lady & The Tramp, and Pooh’s Grand Adventure.

First up…

Cinderella -100% Disney Magic

We expect no less than 100% Disney Magic from Cinderella! She’s Iconic! Not just as a princess, but in the music as well. What’s not to love about every single kind-hearted character in this film? The Magic is everywhere and every scene is full of charm and class!

The Little Mermaid -100% Disney Magic

This was one of my favorite stories when I was younger. It was so much fun rewatching it and remembering all the Magic this movies offers. Yes, she got 100% for her classic movie scenes, iconic sing-a-long songs, and the love and happy ever after ending.

Lady & The Tramp -95% Disney Magic

Almost every scene is filled with love, and so much joy! Although the songs are not as iconic as many other Disney movies, we do love “This Is The Night.” My least favorite song is sung by the Siamese cats. But I would watch this movie again very soon!

Pooh’s Grand Adventure -86% Disney Magic

This movie was funny, meaningfully quotable, and the music reminded me of the Walt Disney Magic Kingdom Theme Park. It was boring in a bunch of areas though and I had a hard time focusing. The ending was so sentimental and perfect!

So there you have it! Until next time!

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New Headband Release by Blooms&Beautifuls: Child Size-Princess Sofia


These Mickey Ears are trimmed with our signature silver twisty rope and feature a stunning purple swirl pattern. Although the picture does not do it justice, the fabric, when in the path of the sun, reflects thousands of tiny sparkles.  In the center is a white satin bow.

The inspiration behind these ears is Princess Sofia The First.


As always we do not sell our ears due to Disney Copyright. But we do keep them for our personal one-of-a-kind collection.

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Now You Can Call Your Child’s Favorite Disney Character Before Bed

Only good till August 31st, these adorable phone calls from your favorite Disney Characters ( Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald Duck, and Daisy Duck) are sure to bring some magic to your child’s bed time routine. Although I will say, you cannot understand what Donald is saying, but everyone else is simply adorable!

If you can’t get through on the line try again! They are most likely busy with more calls! It usually took us only 3 tries at max. 💜


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He’s 30! Golden Birthday Celebration

My hubby who is also co-author to our blog, turned 30 earlier this year! It was his golden birthday too which meant he was 30 on the 30th! We celebrated with a surf and turf feast! Snow crab, king crab legs, lobster tails, and shrimp Skewers, and sweet potatoes. I’m not a huge fan of seafood so he and our toddler daughter got to eat it all!

I am so blessed to walk through life with this guy. He’s smart, funny, and an awesome dad.

He actually started and fueled my Disney obsession. He has a hard time relaxing because he works hard all the time. But something about planning Disney trips changed his life a few years ago. I obviously jumped on board as soon as I saw that it was genuinely making him a happier person. We have bonded over our mutual obsession with everything Mickey Mouse and become even better best friends that we were before ❤️

So here’s to my other half! Happy Birthday John! Can’t wait till our next adventure!

Teriyaki barbecue glazed steak bites

Time for some Disney Window Shopping: Backpacks & Bags

This is the one I want, unfortunately, I couldn’t find it on the massive list!
Very reasonably priced! I might have to get one! 😍

Ouch! Look at that price tag! If we become Disney Vacation Club Members, ill have to look into this category of Bags!

Not a bad price at all! We can’t wait to see Aulani Disney resort in Hawaii on our way to Tokyo, Japan (Disneyland Tokyo) someday in the near future. At least that’s one of our goals.

Ok I kind of like this one. I love that it’s Pooh, but… I’m not a fan of the bold black.

I love Bags. Right now I have a black bag with Mickey’s face and the name Mickey spelled in gold. I would never spend that much for bags though because I would probably get it dirty or lose it.

Let me know which is your favorite!

-Mrs. M. ❤️


5/64 Disney Movie Reviews hot off the Blooms & Beautifuls Press

Today we are reviewing Tarzan, Bolt, Pocahontas, Frozen, & Coco.

We have run each movie through a 10 question test that checks their Disney Magic levels 🙂

There will be over 64 movies that we review. Today we will be releasing the first 5 movie reviews we’ve completed.

Tarzan -100% Disney Magic!

This movie has one of the best soundtracks in all the Disney world. Phil Collins made this movie what it is- A very successful and entertaining feature for everyone. And of course shout out to *NSYNC for Trashin the Camp!

Frozen -99% Disney Magic

Frozen also has a soundtrack that is amazing all on its own. The only issue I had was that they should have gotten married at the end! Anna & Kristoff are obviously in love. There should have been a spectacular wedding at the end 🙂 This movie is amazing though, and I would watch it over and over. And who is my favorite character? Olaf of course! What an adorably naive snowman 💜

Pocahontas -32% Disney Magic

This movie just doesn’t do it for me. It misses the mark on all the criteria. Yes she is a Disney Icon, but that’s all she has going for her. Although there was a thrilling scene almost right from the start, everything else fell short. I found it boring, corny, and the only song that gave her some points was Colors of the Wind. What’s not to love about that song! There were some funny moments. But let’s talk about the ending. Yes she saved her true love, but she didn’t even marry him as we can tell from the movie. Also we did not find out if John Smith even survived his bullet wounds. We can assume he did….? For me I would not watch this again anytime soon. Sorry, that’s just my personal opinion 💜 I love Pocahontas herself though. She’s a very beautiful Iconic Disney Princess.

Bolt -83% Disney Magic

Bolt is going to get high marks because it is a funny movie! It had me laughing all the way through and that is quite spectacular for a movie to get that many belly laughs. My favorite character from this feature is Rhino the Hamster. 🐹 This guy is hilarious! But every magical Disney movie has to have great songs, and Bolt just doesn’t have any of those. That and the fact that it isn’t a Disney classic or icon film is the reason it didn’t receive higher points. It was an exceptional movie. One that I would watch again in the near future!

Coco -82% Disney Magic

This movie is one of my favorites! Pixar does a fantastic job with colors in their movies and this film is not lacking any of the hues in the rainbow. The twist of the plot at the end is great as well. It adds a layer of satisfaction. Beautifully themed, the storyline is creative and oriented around family. I’m looking at my questions, and I think I could have given it just a few more points because I really enjoyed this movie! But the rules state whatever number comes to mind first, and sticks is most likely the most accurate representation for each question. Coco does lack in not being a classic. It lacks in music. Although it is all about music- will I remember the songs in a week? Probably not. But this movie is an entertainer for sure!

And there you have it! The first 5 reviews hot off the Blooms & Beautifuls Press.

These are just my opinions, but overall I think they are very accurate representations of those opinions. I was surprised at the variety of points today. And that’s a good thing. You don’t want them all jumbled around the same range of percentage because that means you didn’t rate them fairly.

There will be lots more coming! Thanks for checking in! And be sure to follow us for more movie reviews and Disney Fun!

-Mrs. M 💋


Dissecting the Classics: Upcoming 64 Disney Movie Reviews

I am starting a project today of dissecting and reviewing and rating 64 iconic Disney Movies.

The questions on the review are:

1. The songs: how satisfying are they? (10pts)

2. How Iconic is the movie? (10pts)

3. Like-ability of the Characters. (10pts)

4. How satisfying is the resolving of the main plot? (10pts)

5. Like-ability of the movie in general. (10pts)

6. Would I rewatch this soon? (10pts)

7. Was the movie entertaining? (10pts)

8. Does the movie give me the Disney Magic Feels? (10pts)

9. How great was my favorite scene? (10pts)

10. Like-ability of my favorite character. (10 pts)

There is a total score available of 100 pts. I will be giving each movie a point ratio which will also be a percentage score.

The questions are formatted to balance each other to get the most accurate responses to how great & magical I think the Disney movie is.

Disney has become a huge hobby for my husband and I, and our goal is to watch as many Disney films before our big trip to WDW later this year!!

So whenever I get a review report ready I’ll post it on the blog. After I get all 64 reports, I will post a grand list! 🙂

Let us know which questions you would put in the test 🙂


9 Day Park Hopper: Curing Your Sore Feet

When you go to Walt Disney World, you walk, ALOT! You can easily walk 14 miles a day.

After a couple days, I start to get some pretty heavy pains in my feet, ankles, and lower calves. So please gear up for the long haul. It is extremely important to having a great time!

I’ll admit this is the first trip I’ve ever prepared for- for foot pain! And we’ve been there 3 times already! Our second time I even became really sick because I pushed myself so hard. Nobody likes achy feet and irritability.

The key to getting rid of this problem I believe, would be something cold around the feet. I am going to try and test this theory later this year at the parks. We will see how it goes 🙂 So here are the products that I’m looking into to getting ready for our 9 day stay at the WDW.

I have a feeling this one above would become too warm. I try to keep my ankles open but socks and tennis shoes are a must.

Also take along some Lavender Essential Oils as this can alleviate pain and soreness.

Of course I will be taking along Advil as well. 🙂

Let me know what you do to make your long walk adventures less painful! 💜


Our Frozen Night & The Exciting Disney Conspiracy Theory that has us Believing

Tonight we decided to have a Norway Frozen night. That means watching Frozen and cooking Norwegian inspired dishes: blueberry balsamic chicken and blueberry cake.

But the real magic is the conspiracy we just found on the internet and it has me believing! Ahhhhh! Super excited because it just adds to the Disney Magic.

So here it goes- Tarzan is Princess Elsa & Princess Ana’s LITTLE BROTHER!!! What?? Yes!

So what these articles are saying is that Elsa and Ana’s parents shipwrecked, but survived. The shipwreck is the same one that Ariel explores in The Little Mermaid. They were pregnant and had Tarzan. Unfortunately they were eaten by the leopard Sabor.

Ok this one is actually believable and the director of Frozen, who came up with the theory is Also the director of Tarzan. Hmmmmmmm

Although he says nothing is official, he does state,

“Whatever people want to believe, go for it,” he said. “That’s the spirit of Disney.”

You can read the full article here


And here is what we ate!


Moving on Up to the Toddler Bed: from the Mommy Files

Today’s a big day for our little one! We took the side off the crib and turned it into a toddler bed! Of course being the super Disney fans that we are, it had to be Disney princess themed. So we went out to our local stores and looked for a tiny bed set. Finally we found one. It’s so cute. It came with a Disney Princess pillow cover, a bed cover, a sheet, and a comforter. She was so excited when we unveiled it to her! And of course her little doggy has to sleep in her bed too! The puppy was reluctant of first but I think she will become a huge fan of a nice soft bed soon 🙂 unfortunately our little girl was soooo excited for her “preeeteee beddy” that she wasn’t able to fall asleep for her nap. We will try again tonight. Eventually she will crash at some point. Right? 😁

Let us know how you got your little one to use their toddler bed. I may need some tricks of the trade 😉

-ashley m.


And That’s the Blog Party!

Thank you to everyone who read, commented and participated in our blog Tea Party! I hope you were inspired to share positivity as well as gain some new friends! The coolest part about these blog communities is that there are no country boundaries or walls that separate us. We can join together and get to know one another and see the world through pictures and experiences that others have to offer.

So thank you for entertaining me daily with your travel and experience adventures, and I hope to do the same for you!

Lots of Love,

Mr. & Mrs M.



New Magic Ear Release: UP – (Blog Post #5)

Handcrafted by yours truly, Blooms & Beautifuls, these UP ears feature two separate scenes. The flight of the house, and Russell’s Boy Scout uniform.

The ears are outlined with our signature silver twisty rope. It comes with two accessories, Russell’s scarf tie and his pacer counting beads.

The best feature of this pair of Disney Mickey Ears is that the Boy Scout sash holds Disney collector pins!

That’s right! You can pin trade with these ears!

Just walk up to any cast member and ask to see their pins. They are not allowed to deny you any 2 pins you desire.

As always we do not sell our ears due to Disney Copyright. But we will be adding them to our collection to wear at the parks!


Winner of the Disney Inspirational Blogger Award: (blog post #4)

I am so excited you all to let you know that the winner of the

Disney Inspirational Blogger Award is Stacey at Myjigsawjournal.com!

She started her blog to journal her 40,320 piece Disney Puzzle! And after six months of working hard and completing the largest commercially available puzzle of that time, she has continued to blog about her other puzzles! I found her to be so inspirational, not just for Disney lovers but for everyone!

She’s been doing puzzle reviews for several years now and they are always so fascinating!

Please take a look at some of her projects and check her page out!

And in honor of our Tea Blog Party today she did a set of Tea Cup shaped puzzles!

Let’s all say Congratulations to Stacey! And reblog your favorite of her posts! 💜💜💜

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It’s Blog Party Time! Good Morning! ❤️ (Post #1)

Good Morning Everyone! And welcome to our all day Blog Tea Party!

Feel free to share your blog link on the comments and repost our posts! Let us know who you are, what you write about and Where Are You From? 💜

Let’s get started!

My husband and I are John & Ashley M. We run Blooms & Beautifuls. Which is a Disney Blog! We have a beautiful little girl who overcame a monumental unexpected health crisis after she was born. She’s our miracle baby! I will be sharing her story soon! Anyway we usually save our money, but since our daughter almost died we realized life isn’t about money or things. It’s about the time that we spend with our precious family and friends. So we’ve become Disney obsessed!

Here are some lovely recipes to get your day going! Whether you like tea, coffee, or juice, there’s a recipe for you to start your day perfectly.

Recipe by Monterey Bay Spice Company

Brought to you by Valya’s Taste of Home
Brought to you by BlogLovin.com

Now I’d like to share with you an American Tradition. It’s a verse that is written on a brand of our egg cartons for breakfast everymorning.

It says

“This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

Psalm 118:24

So let’s get this beautiful day started! I can’t wait to get to know you!

Love. Mrs. Ashley M. 💋xoxo


Rules for our Upcoming Blog Party

Rules to the Tea Blog Party

Starts at 11 pm EDT (New York) August 2 and is supposed to run to Friday 11:59pm August 3. That may be extended.

1. Follow our blog! Get all the updates!

2.Drop your link on the comment section of any or all the posts that we post during the tea party.

Let us know about yourself! Drop your link! Where are you from? What tea you are drinking for the party(or any beverage)? Reblog any of our posts that you like.

3. Follow others blogs and get to know them. As many readers as you would like.

4. Be kind & respectful & have fun!

I have carefully prepared all the posts and here is what we will be covering!

Morning Recipes

Disney Inspiration Challenge

The Easiest Way to Add $500 a year to your pockets

Blog Spotlight Winner & Reblog!

Content To Be Determined

Our Daughters Story: Our Baby daughter cheated Death and overcame

Each and every blog post was carefully designed and I hope you gain a bunch of meaningful information to inspire peace and kindness in the world. As well as learn something new. Make your day a little brighter, and finally give you our story. One that we never expected to go through, but we did! And we made it out alive and well!

Thank you all so much for joining us! I look forward to following your blog and getting to know you!

Love ❤️

John, Ashley & Baby M



The Start of Princess Sophia Ears: Childsize

This is my favorite print so far. You can only tell on some of it but there are sparkles all over the fabric that catch the suns light. I am branching out into child sizes because I would love to have my daughter and I match! These ears are based on her though. 😉 but because the print is so pretty I will probably make a matching set for me.

I am really into letting my daughter watch Princess Sofia on Netflix. The material is great and she’s always learning to be kind and reach out to her friends.

I can’t wait for our Blog Tea Party This Friday! We will be releasing a new pair of ears! (Haven’t decided which one I’m going to complete). Also we will be sharing lots of great information. Not just Disney but life in general.

So hop online anytime from 11 pm New York Time (EDT) on August 2nd and we will go ahead and post the first post which will be Tea, coffee, and Juice Recipes. That way they will be there for when all our readers on the Eastern side of the world wake up ready for a delicious morning brew! Feel free to anytime share your blog link and thoughts all throughout the day on the various posts! I would love to get to know you! If you haven’t already started following us, go ahead and sign up for automated posts so you can catch the Tea Party all day long! It will end 11:59 pm (EDT) on August 3rd.

Thanks so much for following us!

Xoxo 💋

Ashley M.

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Connecting Your Blog To More Readers

One great way to get to know other blogs is through a Multi-Blog Event. I’m inviting you to my online Tea Party Blog Day on August 3rd. This is a great way to get your blog link out there and get to know a bunch of new readers. For this event we will be discussing lots of things: travel, saving deals, family and of course Disney.

Theme: Mad Hatter: Alice In Wonderland

so be sure to follow our blog and get the updates! 

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Blog Party on August 3!

Announcing Tic Tock Tea Blog Party on August 3!

This will be an ONLINE tea party and you can join in the fun from the comforts of your home! Follow our posts while making yourself some tea! We will be chatting about everything including Disney, vacations, family & more! We will be giving out Tea recipes and savings tips!

Leave your blog link on the posts that day so others can get to know you as well!

Make sure to subscribe to our blog so you can get the updates in real time! Check back with us all day on August 3!

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Ear Inspirations

Rafiki- The Lion King, my absolute favorite of her ears

So I do make my own ears, but I want to showcase another designer in this blog post


Some of these are just absolutely amazing! Especially,  Rafiki from The Lion King.

I personally do not sell my ears due to Disney Copyright 😦 but others are willing to do so and have great product!

I plan to make Winnie the Pooh, Mulan inspired, and Minnie Mouse ears for my next pieces in my collection.

After that, I will be looking at these to see some character inspiration. One thing I will have to say about this websites ears, I prefer a simpler profile. And some of these ears are kind of complicated.

But anyway check her ears out!

Flounder- The Little Mermaid
Heart of Tafiti- Moana
Small World Ride
Hollywood Studios – Tower of Terror

Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather

Thanks for reading the blog! Make sure to click follow and sign up with your email for our blog updates! Upcoming this week we will be talking about Tea Recipes, Ways to earn free money doing simple savings deals on Disney, obtaining flyer points, and possibly releasing another Disney Pair of Ears!


Disney Movies Ranked-Part 1

Disney movies are so diverse and I LovE IT!

But this is a pretty fun list of movies ranging from dislikes to never seen before, to my favorite quotes!

Now remember there is another member (my husband) to this blog so this is my list and obviously part one to this blog post. In the near future we will be hearing from the “Mr. Disney” (John) what his favorite Disney movies are! 🙂

So here’s my list

1. Mulan- easily by far my favorite for many reasons, Her bravery, culture expressed in the movie, I just enjoy it very very much

2. Anastasia- based on a true story it’s very fascinating. As you read this story it is beyond heartbreaking.

3. Tarzan- so much fun! Phil Collins I mean come on what’s not to love

4. Beauty & the Beast (the Live Action)

5. Peter Pan

6. Incredibles

7. Lion King

You can probably tell what generation I’m from just by this list😝 but I love it. They are more easy on my heart strings than the others

My least favorite Disney movies which doesn’t mean I don’t love the characters because I very much do! I mean .. they are the iconic classics!! The reason I’m putting them in this list is they had some pretty scary scenes! I still don’t prefer to watch those moments. Don’t make fun of me now! 😉

1. Snow White

2. Beauty & the Beast (the original)

3.Bambi-his mom dies. That’s like the most frightening fear a child would have

Disney classics I’ve never watched all the way through!!!! I don’t know why I’ve never watched these all the way through? These weren’t the classics that were at my house when I was little so I just never got into them.

1. Pocahontus

2. Hercules

3. Hunchback of Notre Dame

4. Sleeping Beauty

5. Toy Story – I’ve seen a couple of them. They are alright- Don’t go crazy on me now ok! I know! What Disney obsessed person doesn’t adore toy story? I mean I’m excited about the New Toy Story Landat WDW. Maybe I’ll get more into it after that 🙂

My Favorite Quotable Disney Movies

1. Pirates of the Caribbean -I love Jack Sparrow- “I’ve got a jar of dirt!”

2. Emperor’s New Groove -“Demon Llama!!!!!”

Lame- I know but for some reason when I was younger, those lines made me roar with laughter!

Because there are so many Disney movies I was not able to have everything in my list! Like Moana, frozen, tangled, brave. All great movies! Maybe we will do some more future extensive line ups! 🙂

Thanks for reading my list! Let me know your top 5!

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The BEST sleepy music for babies, toddlers, and parents!


When I was pregnant with my daughter, I would play this video near my tummy. At that point I wasn’t sure if it was soothing her or what. She’s a toddler now and I know it had a lasting impact on her. I don’t do this very often, but some nights I will turn the video on and she’s out within 3-5 minutes. I know she remembers it because she immediately calms down. EVERYTIME! And I love it to ❤️ it brings back memories of feeling her kick around and just the beautiful blessing of pregnancy.

The music is very soft and I love how They are all Disney songs. Yes yes not everything has to be Disneyfied but this hits all the heart strings for memories at Disney world. It even plays a soothing version of small world! Which is amazing because the first time I went on that ride, I had a headache that lasted well over half the day. But not here!

So don’t fret! There is hope to get your littles calmed down after a busy exciting day! Just click on the video!


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Our Favorite Disney Vloggers: The Tim Tracker

Tim Tracker is must know name in the Disney World. You Tube sensations Tim & Jen make a video every day and they’ve been vlogging for the past 9 1/2 years!

With millions of hits for every single video they produce, they are quickly becoming a Disney Icon while not actually belonging to Disney whatsoever.

While my husband and I have yet to meet them in person, that is one of our ultimate Disney goals someday. They no longer do meet ups due to their ever growing fame. So to catch an opportunity to say hi and meet them is holy grail happened upon by chance.

Jen and Tim live near Orlando and have annual passes to all the theme parks. While they do tour and blog on all theme parks, they are widely known for the tours of Disney.

Hugely inspirational, Disney has even extended VIP passes to Tim Tracker for pre-opening events. Their latest was just last month when Toy Story Land opened at Walt Disney World in Hollywood Studios.

Fans cannot get enough of their videos and recently, they announced that they would be shutting down their P.O. Box. Which is so unfortunate! I was planning on sending them a pair of my handcrafted Mickey Ears! But obviously they have received so much fan memorabilia that they have no more room to store it all.

The most important, I believe, is that this adorable couple embody the American small family spirit. Their dog Bandit also stars in most of the videos. This is their life and they embrace it to the fullest!

They are right in the action of the latest and greatest cameras for vlogging and capture the Today’s culture of taking hold of every moment on camera.

So thanks Tim and Jen for spreading the Disney Magic and making it easier for everyone to navigate the realm of Disney Theme Parks all the while being so much fun and entertaining!

Just type in The Tim Tracker on YouTube. The videos are addicting and we usually watch them instead of regular TV to get our Disney Fix in between trips 🙂

Let us know if you have had the special opportunity to meet these guys!  What’s your favorite Tim Tracker Video?