My Favorite Piece of Disney Magic

Old School Mickey Meets Newly Designed Mickey Mouse

Disney will have you convinced that there is magic in this world. From the emotional response of experiencing all your childhood Disney dreams, to the pumped aromas and the sights of bubbles in the air. But my most favorite piece of the Magic is a two part process that starts at the end of the night. After experiencing wonderful things all day, the huge firework display and the blasting of all your favorite Disney songs through the speakers is incredible. We aren’t even at the topping of the cake yet. Skip the ride back to the hotel because you’re just sweaty, tired, and exhausted. The real magic is after your clean from the day and turn on the tv and watch Mickey Mouse stories before bed. Your legs ache, your feet hurt, you collapse from exhaustion in the clean cool Disney bed. Being around family, pondering what you’ve experienced today and imagining the possibilities and new adventures tomorrow, thats what the magic is all about. There’s just something about it that makes you feel relaxed and peaceful. Like you are home.

“Happy Ever After” Firework Show only gets more magical the more times you see it

Let Us Show You TheWorld of Disney

My husband and I first went to WDW for the first time in 2015 and we have been hooked ever since. Over the years, we have gotten creative on how to score deals and plan amazing adventures! We are so excited to be bringing that information to you!

Stay tuned for

-The Showcasing of our hand made magic headbands, which will be on display soon!

-Disney Magic brought to you through our travels & foods/drinks.

-Vacation tips and deals!

So come join us on a tour of adventure!

The flower that Blooms in adversity is the most Beautiful and rare of all.

The Emperor, Mulan