4 Reasons Why You Should Book Any Vacation

Looking for a reason any reason to justify going on a vacation? Here re 4 perfect suggestions as to how vacations makes us better people.

Life is short and we only get one here on earth. What you do with your time is of extreme importance.

1. We never know how long our loved ones or even we will be on this earth. Family is where you should invest in.

2. Taking a break from daily grind can reset your body and mind.

3. Exploring the world can enhance your mind. Active participation in a world unfamiliar to us heightens the senses and promotes interactive learning.

4. Planning a trip over a several month period can break up the norm and provide large amounts of hope. Fueling your day, and giving you energy and happiness.

5. There are ways to save money! You don’t have to break the bank! Save extra in another area of your finances to compensate the extra spending towards a trip.

The world is a huge place ready to be explored. You only have to decide to go and enjoy.

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Always Make the Most of Your Vacation

Always go with a plan. If you’re spending lots of money on a dream destination vacation, plan everything to get your moneys worth.

1. Book fast passes way in advance through Disney World app.

2. Book dinner reservations in advance using Disney World app.

3. Leave enough time in between reservations and fast passes to comfortably get to each ride, meal, ect.

4. Throughout the day check available fast passes. They will throw in extra ones while your there! But you still have to book them and it’s first come first serve. This is a great way to not have to wait in line!

5. Why wait 45 min in line when you could wait only 20!!!!


A Colorful Guide to Disney Springs

Disney Springs is just as magical as Disney World. There are so many exciting stores with so many fun experiences. Also all of these pictures I took myself! The warm bright Florida Sun paired with the beautiful colors at Disney Springs makes for an amazing day for shopping, relaxing, and exploring the world around you!

Best part about it is it’s FREE to get in and there are plenty of samples to try out!

So here are my favorite experiences.

1. Basin- a free spa experience try as many sugar scrubs as you desire the ambiance is truly relaxing

Free Sugar Scrubs for everyone! My favorite is orange dreamsicle. It’s so soft and luxurious.
Bath Bomb Towers

2. Rain forest cafe (fish tanks)- step on in to see several huge fish tanks and a jungle like atmosphere. Better yet come on it an eat some grub!

3. Ghirardelli- free chocolate samples and my favorite drink of all. Which is not even on the menu! They customized it for me and we told them they should nickname it The Gwen if they ever put it on their menu.

It’s basically a glorified Chocolate Milk. But it’s a cold hot-chocolate. It’s really a meal in itself if you get the large 🙂

I am fully enjoying my Cold Not Hot Chocolate

4. Uniqlo- this clothing store is not set up like American clothing chains. Step into another country and shop shop shop!

5. Blaze pizza- customer designed pizzas fired up in the stone ovens. Best tasting pizza pies!

6. Morimoto Asia- all your sushi cravings and it’s from a famous chef

Street Food Morimoto ASIA. Sushi Roll. Delish!

7. Sprinkles- a cupcake shop and cupcake atm! What? Yes that’s right! A cupcake atm. And the set up is perfect for an Instagram photo op!

Welcome to Sprinkles!
Fantastic Sprinkled Cupcakes!
Cupcake ATM Yes Please!

You can’t go wrong with checking out Disney Springs. It’s free. It’s Disney. It’s so much fun! So if you are in Orlando, this is the place to be!

Let us know which stores/restaurant are your favorites! I will admit we have yet to visit some of the more iconic restaurants and we would love your feedback!


Tokyo Bound!

Our Big Dream: Tokyo Disneyland

Our most recent goal, and this would be our biggest Disney dream yet, is to go to Tokyo Disneyland!

We have been watching a lot of videos mainly made by The Tim Tracker. (If you don’t know Tim & Jen you are missing out! Check out their blog videos online!

They recently went to Japan and were so inspiring that we have decided to make the trip overseas! Now when this will happen, we don’t know. We kind of want to wait a few years so that way our daughter can remember the trip.

Most people would say that Disneyland Tokyo is actually way better and more magical than Disney World which is ironic because Disneyland Tokyo isn’t even owned by Disney!

They do such a great job though and they go over the top for everything but in a good way! Between all the costumes the rides the atmosphere and ambience it’s an amazing two parks! I’m especially excited about the little mermaid theater as it’s very techy compared to Disney World little mermaid show. Also the parade has dazzling colors and exciting choreographed dancers. Plus the Fantasmic show blows the US version out of the water. It’s so good!

So I’m sure we will be posting more about our progress on planning the trip! So stay tuned for some exciting adventures!

So let us know in the comments how far you have traveled to go to Disney! Where did you go? What did you like about where you went?


Free Flights & Vacation Money

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Planning The Full Disney Dining Experience

Most recently, I have been working on deciding between upgrading to the regular dining plan or just keeping the “free” quick service dining plan that comes with our room. Quick service versus table service or buffets would be basically the difference between going to a counter restaurant like Culvers, and a sit down restaurant like Red Lobster, or in some cases a fancy buffet. We will be staying at the All Star Sports in November, which with the “free dining” promotion is about the cheapest you can go to disney, eat tons of food, and stay on property in the entire year.

For some extra money, you can upgrade to the traditional dining, which is around 22.99 per day per person. Overall for the 7 nights we will have the free dining (we’re staying an 8th night also at all stars booked as a split stay because of how the free dining dates fell) it would be around $320.00 extra. You also have to account for the tip. By doing this we would go from having 2 quick service meals per day, to 1 quick service, and 1 table service meal.

Including tip, we’d be about $480.00 for our overall cost to upgrade. We would lose the 1 quick service meal per day, but gain a table service or buffet. If we were to do the plan I have in place and paid cash out of pocket, overall the cost would be an extra $1100.00 for just the buffets/table service restaurants alone.

That’s a savings of around $600.00.

However, it’s a luxury to have table service over quick service. These are the types of decisions you get to make, when you save on the front end for  your trip. We’re in a less expensive room, so we have a lot more “budget” left for our trip. Since I pay for everything with gift cards I purchase on credit cards, and for fuel points, every dollar I spend only costs me around $.80 when you account for money saved on fuel and credit card cash back. So overall, our real cost would be $400.00 for what would have cost us around $1100.00.

Always remember to pay off the cards as fast as possible for zero interest.

Which option would you go with?

-John M.