The Start of Princess Sophia Ears: Childsize

This is my favorite print so far. You can only tell on some of it but there are sparkles all over the fabric that catch the suns light. I am branching out into child sizes because I would love to have my daughter and I match! These ears are based on her though. 😉 but because the print is so pretty I will probably make a matching set for me.

I am really into letting my daughter watch Princess Sofia on Netflix. The material is great and she’s always learning to be kind and reach out to her friends.

I can’t wait for our Blog Tea Party This Friday! We will be releasing a new pair of ears! (Haven’t decided which one I’m going to complete). Also we will be sharing lots of great information. Not just Disney but life in general.

So hop online anytime from 11 pm New York Time (EDT) on August 2nd and we will go ahead and post the first post which will be Tea, coffee, and Juice Recipes. That way they will be there for when all our readers on the Eastern side of the world wake up ready for a delicious morning brew! Feel free to anytime share your blog link and thoughts all throughout the day on the various posts! I would love to get to know you! If you haven’t already started following us, go ahead and sign up for automated posts so you can catch the Tea Party all day long! It will end 11:59 pm (EDT) on August 3rd.

Thanks so much for following us!

Xoxo 💋

Ashley M.


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