Naan Bread Pizza’s on the Grill

Happy Sunday Everybody! Here in the USA, we love our pizza! And because our nation is so large we have a variety of regional pizza pies. We have the deep dishes from Chicago

the thin large pizzas from New York,

and over in California, they create all kinds of garden topping varieties that lean more on the healthier side.

But here in our household we have created a pizza that  has naan bread for its base and its grilled to perfection! So here’s how we make it!

First we start off with the sauce:

Tomato paste,

Italian seasonings


There are two more ingredients but they are secret! They not only brighten up the sauce but balance the tang as well. I would share them with you but we want to start a food truck someday. If that dream ever happens we can’t be giving out the perfect ingredients 😉

So here’s the process of how we build the pies: you’ll have to excuse our pics as they don’t look as professional as the ones from Pinterest from up above 🙂 but our pizza tastes AMAZING!

Oh I do need to add, usually I put mushrooms and onions on my pizza, but mushrooms weren’t on sale today, and I’ll probably just add the green onions 🙂

All about that sauce! 🙂 it’s sweet and tangy and well balanced with tons of Italian flavor!

These salamis are a combo of Salchichon, Chorizo, and Salami Duro

We add shredded mozzarella,

Then topped it with thick slices of fresh mozzarella,

And there’s the final product! The Smokey flavor from the grill adds a really nice element.

What’s your favorite pizza dish?


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