Time for some Disney Window Shopping: Backpacks & Bags

This is the one I want, unfortunately, I couldn’t find it on the massive list!
Very reasonably priced! I might have to get one! 😍

Ouch! Look at that price tag! If we become Disney Vacation Club Members, ill have to look into this category of Bags!

Not a bad price at all! We can’t wait to see Aulani Disney resort in Hawaii on our way to Tokyo, Japan (Disneyland Tokyo) someday in the near future. At least that’s one of our goals.

Ok I kind of like this one. I love that it’s Pooh, but… I’m not a fan of the bold black.

I love Bags. Right now I have a black bag with Mickey’s face and the name Mickey spelled in gold. I would never spend that much for bags though because I would probably get it dirty or lose it.

Let me know which is your favorite!

-Mrs. M. ❤️


6 thoughts on “Time for some Disney Window Shopping: Backpacks & Bags

  1. I love the Winnie the poo back back. We are big Disney fans. And we are going to Disney Paris in January. And we just posted a big haul of things we got!


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